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Jenny – Thanks for the email, I’ve been meaning to send an update forever… What a great puppy ! We have really enjoyed “Tilly Tushka” she has been a wonderful addition to the family. I have a whole album of puppy pictures over the past 9 months, plus 2 daughters with camera phones... I’ll send a few along, including Tilly’s first pheasant. She swims like a fish, runs like a deer, has the nose of a hound and a great temperament / personality to boot. I have a bunch of videos as well but file size may be an issue ?

Thanks again for an exceptional dog.

We truly love Tilly.



Hi, Jenny, my pups name is Ranger and he is doing great. I think he looks alot like mom, Remy. He is hyper and has alot!!!! of pup in him yet but his first hunting season went well.Still needs some more work but he will get it. He doesn't always want to bring bird on land right back but did great retrieving his first goose off our big pond. We are really enjoying him, seems to be a great dog. Our three little girls just adore him. He loves his toys and is always carrying some thing around in his mouth.

Happy New Year

Nicole and Jim



Nice to hear from you. Timber is doing great and is growing up fast. He and my 2 year old son Mason have become great friends, so much so that Timber sleeps most nights right under Mason's crib. Dakota, our 4 year old chocolate lab, has also bonded with him and I'm not sure what they'd do without each other. Timber is full of energy and quite the cuddler at night. He's been a great addition to the family.

Attached are some pics....

Take care,

Matt Katzfuss


Dustin and I couldn't be happier with our dog, Riley! Riley is about 80lbs now and still growing. He gets to go to work with me most days of the week. He loves riding in the vehicle and responds very well to the command "get in the pickup". He is unusually fascinated by the dump trucks and equipment at work.

We did not get him out hunting this fall like we wanted to. We did get him out in the woods a few times and he listens real well so our next step is the retrieve.

He is a handful but we wouldn't know what to do without him. :)




Maddie, which was of your last two pups, is doing very well. I will forward a couple pictures following this message. She does pretty well in the field. Lots of energy and drive to run. I only hunt upland birds at this time. Her retrieves are weak but will come in time. Health and personality are good. Great with kids, visitors and our other dog.



(The Wagners)



Hey Jenny....

Staying cool....I hope all your animals are also surviving the heat.

Well, Rambo is doing GREAT.....35# and stretching out. He is such a good dog.....and he loves to PLAY with Magnum, I am sure that will keep Magnum young....

I thought I would send a couple of pics.....can you tell they are HAPPY.....

Pete and I were just talking...we will be taking them somewhere in September...somewhere where the water is they can swim. It will be fun to see how Rambo reacts to water and NOT being able to touch the the bottom...hahaha...I am sure he will love it.

He now gets run of the house....if he gets tired of sleeping on the bed, he finds his favorite couch, but has managed to chew up a few things during the night.....UGH....

Well, take care.



Hello Jenny,

We have enjoyed our new puppy since we picked her up from you (in the Kohls parking lot, if you remember). She is doing very well and is "all puppy". She has learned to sit, come and to lay down. Release is the newest thing on her learning list as we work with her to give us the items she brings to us. It has been great fun so far! Attached are a few puppy pictures so you can see how big she has gotten and how loved she is. By the way, we settled on the name "Maddie". Enjoy!