German Shepherds


 He Loves the bath tub!! 

Guenther is owned by Misty Hiller and family. Guenther is out of Magic and Tank!!

Hi Jenny,

I was on your website this morning and I saw on your blog that you are looking for updates on dogs purchased from your kennel. Attached are two pictures of Zooey, who is from the June 2010 litter of Tank and Gigi.

Awhile back I saw your ad on Hoobly for Nico. I hope you found him a good home. I have been looking for an older companion dog for Zooey (don't want to go through housebreaking again!). We have cats and we would need a dog who could be around another dog. So next time you have a dog like that, let me know and maybe we can take that dog.

Just like Nico, Zooey is very ball driven too. The longest I have ever thrown the ball over and over is an hour and a half, and she would have kept going. The only time I have ever seen her totally worn out is when a friend's 11 year old son came and ran around with her all day. That photo's attached too.

Zooey is a great dog. She is very loyal and friendly.


Stephany Freedman


Just thought I'd send you some updated pictures of my Holliday. As you

can see she is just beautiful. Please stay in touch.


Hello Jenny, Here is some pictures of Beren. They are a month old but a couple of my favorites. Beren is doing great. He is growing bigger everyday. He is really a great dog. Beren learns things very fast. He knows how to sit, lay down, stand back up, and shake very good. Usually when we give him a treat we have him do these tricks in that order. He has learned that order so when ever he knows we have a treat he will sit lay down stand up and shake all very fast with out being told, so now we have to mix it up a little. He also will lay half way down then stand up really fast over and over we say he is doing push ups. When we are playing fetch with a ball we are teaching him to drop it in a basket he caught on very quickly but he still doesn't play with a frisbee very well. He does not run fast enough to catch it and once it lands on the ground he has a hard time picking it up. Still his favorite thing to do is go for a car ride. Any time it looks like we are going some where and we grab keys without him in his kennel he knows he is either going for a walk or a ride and he will run and sit at the door. When he gets outside he will run and sit at the car door. We had a Birthday 

party last weekend and we brought beren with and there was several younger kids than what he is used to. He did really good with them. He does have a habbit of putting his paw on you when he is looking for attention and sometimes he scratches but with the little kids his paw never left the ground. They were feeding him treats and beren was giving them kisses when told it was ok. Well just wanted to give you an update since he is almost 6 months old now. Any news from his brothers and sisters? Well send more updates and pictures in the future. Jenny

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the card and letting me know about the papers' delay.

Jerry is an awesome dog. He is growing so fast, just over 30 lbs now! He has kept his sweet personality and is still somewhat laid back. He is getting a little more into mischief, like digging holes and eating mud, but even that is still cute. We absolutely love him and are very happy ! He's better than we could have imagined.

He actually just got his final distemper and also his rabies shot Oct. 1, so he's good for another year with that. He also was free and clear of worms, Yay. I was impressed on how fast he was house trained, just two days and he got it as long as I got up with him in the middle of night. Now he can make it almost a whole night. I think you did a really good job with him, and them, in their first couple months which makes things a lot easier now. Thanks again.

The pictures are from last week. You were right on how much his colors seem to change by the day. He's going to be a really handsome guy no matter what colors he ends up. I will send more updates in the near future, because he has a lot of growing to do.

Thanks much,


Hi Jenny,

Here are pitures of brewer. Thanks!!

Hi Jenny,

Every once in a while Timber makes it into some photos... Who am I kidding, he's in tons. Thought you may want to see how one of your pups turned out.

Timber has a very gentle disposition, he doesn’t want any trouble. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a shepherd when it comes to protecting his family and his house. He is very smart and can be taught anything. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. He knows hand and voice commands. You couldn’t ask for a better loyal family dog. To us, he is just part of our crazy family.

A little story on how he’s too smart for his own good…

Before we leave for the day, I always put a little bit of peanut butter in the kongs to keep them (my chocolate lab and Timber) occupied. Timber watches me prepare the kongs every morning. Well, one day I forgot to fill them so he decided to help himself to the jar of peanut butter that was in the cabinet. Needless to say, the peanut butter now lives in the top cabinet not the lower one.

Great Photo Courtesy of

Eternal Photography